Philliph Drummond

Senior Tech Design Researcher * he|they

Philliph Drummond

Philliph is a creative technologist residing in the Bay Area, with their partner Annelisa, child Xinasa, and two cats, Mam and Pate. Recently, Philliph has been working with mostly not-for-profit startups across a range of challenges from IT streamlining, UX/Product coaching, and business process improvement.

In the past, they designed and managed internal systems for mid-sized NPOs in the social justice sector, approaching organizational infrastructure as permaculture, delivering IT trainings and technical support to organizers in the field.

To schedule a coaching session with Philliph Drummond please send an email to [email protected].

philliph's recent work

superbloom asterisk

User Experience Toolbox for Risk Mitigation and Accessibility

Outlines Superbloom's approach to evaluating and mitigating risks in software projects through practices focused on accessibility, usability, and security. It provides a framework of tools and guidelines to help teams build trust with users while designing human-centered and rights-respecting digital experiences.