our work

Our team is committed to leveraging design to shift power in the tech ecosystem.

Shifting Design Practice

  • Policy and Design: We design, demonstrate, and advocate for strategic, user-centric UX principles. Our goal is to ensure that emerging technology regulations are implemented in a manner that genuinely serves the public
  • Expert advisory services: Our tailored consulting service utilizes human-centered design research to enhance internal tech practices. With a focus on usability, privacy, and security, we collaborate to fortify organizational measures, integrate innovative tools, and align technological decisions with ethical values.

Catalyzing Critical Interventions

  • High-Impact Research: Conducting people and community-focused research to inform the development of technology interventions.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Developing and testing prototypes quickly to assess the feasibility and impact of interventions.
  • Pro Bono Design Support: Evaluating and addressing design needs of non-profit organizations using self-built technologies. We integrate insights gained from these endeavors into broader industry interventions.
  • Open Collaboration Philosophy: Embracing an open and collaborative philosophy in the development of technology interventions. Making sure complex technology (OSS) is made for real humans with real needs and especially for those that are at their most vulnerable moments

Mobilizing Change

  • Mentorship and Coaching: Providing mentorship and coaching to individuals, teams, and organizations.
  • Training and Workshops: Conducting sessions on topics such as human-centered design practices, respectful and safe research practices, UX and security, privacy, and product design.
  • Global Community Cultivation: Facilitating, hosting, and growing a global community of practitioners who exchange resources and offer mutual support.