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Superbloom's User Experience Toolbox for Risk Mitigation and Accessibility
Over the last six months, we’ve been updating our Usable Security Audit Methodology to better reflect our current practices, the advances in our fields of interest, and accessibility as a core principle. Through an inventory of our tools and practices, surveying the field to find similar work we admire, and workshops with close collaborators and community members, we revamped our approach, which we’re now calling our User Experience Toolbox for Risk Mitigation and Accessibility.
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User Experience Toolbox for Risk Mitigation and Accessibility
Outlines Superbloom's approach to evaluating and mitigating risks in software projects through practices focused on accessibility, usability, and security. It provides a framework of tools and guidelines to help teams build trust with users while designing human-centered and rights-respecting digital experiences.
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USER: A Work In Process
Part two in a series of three blogs. Here we outline part of our research process for the Usable Software Ecosystems Research project. USER is a Sloan Foundation supported research initiative that explores how open source scientific and research software teams understand, consider, and undertake usability and design opportunities in their projects.
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Reflections on the Mozilla Fellowships and Awards Impact Evaluation: Lessons for the Ecosystem
We interviewed 47 people and conducted 3 surveys to complete a 5-year retrospective impact report for the Mozilla Foundation’s Fellowships and Awards programs. You can read the full report here. The evaluation presents an in-depth look into the impact, strengths, and challenges of the Mozilla Fellowships and Awards programming, including recommendations for supporting leadership development in funding digital rights and internet freedom. Three key ecosystem findings: 1) Funding is essential and impactful, 2) Measuring impact is hard, and 3) Community is at the core.