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Ame Elliott

Ame (sounds like “Amy”) Elliott is a designer, researcher, and strategist working at the intersection of people x data x environments. A coach for the Prototype Fund since 2017, she enjoys helping teams prioritize and move items onto a “To Don’t” List and focus their limited resources in high-impact ways. After many years of working in Silicon Valley, she believes that some elements of Big Tech (e.g. UX patterns) can be directly applied to public-interest tech projects. Some aspects (e.g. surveillance capitalism) are so toxic they must be rejected. And there is a middle area of practices that need to be adapted and re-imagined to fit the needs of values-driven projects.

Ame is interested in system change and capacity building for transformation. Her particular passions are fighting climate change, urban design/cities, and imagining the future of work. Ame’s research explores how to include stakeholders with different backgrounds in discussion of responsible AI and data governance and making technical concepts accessible to a broad audience.

Her spoken German is awkward, but she can read German text and give feedback on German interfaces.

To schedule a coaching session with Ame Elliott please send an email to [email protected].

ame's recent work

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From Policy to Pixels: Strategic UX Design and User Support for GDPR Implementation

Introducing our new report “From Policy to Pixels: Strategic UX Design and User Support for GDPR Implementation.” Supported by the University of California Berkeley Center for Long-Term Cybersecurity (CLTC), we conducted research to better understand how GDPR policy implementation is situated in current UX practices and how multi-disciplinary product teams reach design decisions