Veszna Wessenauer

Senior Program Manager * she/her/hers

Veszna Wessenauer

Veszna is a human rights researcher by training, and has special interest in building a just digital future. She earned her MA in Human Rights from Central European University in Hungary and has worked with various NGOs and think tanks across the globe, including Democracy Reporting International, Political Capital, Global Voices, EU-Russia Civil Society Forum.

Before joining Superbloom, Veszna worked for almost four years at Ranking Digital Rights as a program manager. She was responsible for the production of RDR Rankings and she also supported the process of developing new indicators addressing algorithmic systems and targeted advertising.

In her downtime, she is with her son, helps build the Hungarian solidarity economy movement, and creates mixtapes for friends under her not-so-serious DJ alias, Venuscontroller. She is also a festival coordinator at UH Fest, a small music festival focusing on adventurous music.

She is based in Budapest, Hungary.

To schedule a coaching session with Veszna Wessenauer please send an email to [email protected].

veszna's recent work

superbloom asterisk

User Experience Toolbox for Risk Mitigation and Accessibility

Outlines Superbloom's approach to evaluating and mitigating risks in software projects through practices focused on accessibility, usability, and security. It provides a framework of tools and guidelines to help teams build trust with users while designing human-centered and rights-respecting digital experiences.