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Background and Principles

Books and Academic Publications Little Book of Design Research Ethics (IDEO, 2016) Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung (FQS) Quarterly, Special Issue on Research Ethics in Qualitative Research (2018, 19:3)

News Arthur, Charles. Facebook emotion study breached ethical guidelines, researchers say. The Guardian, 30 June 2014.

Websites Conducting Ethical User Research (Ditte Mortensen) UXPA Code of Professional Conduct

Tools and Methods

Websites Responsible Data

Forms and Templates UX Checklist GitHub/Google Slide Simply Secure’s participant bill of rights Simply Secure’s participant release form


with Molly Wilson, Cade Diehm Produced by Eileen Wagner, Ben Mergelsberg, Molly Wilson Directed by Ben Mergelsberg Camera assistent: Luciana Damiao Art: Molly Wilson Music: “Downtown” by Filmed at Stattlab and Wrangelfilm Supported by Open Technology Fund Special thanks to Scout Brody, Maya Wagoner, Brett Gaylor Simply Secure CC-BY (Georgia Bullen, Ame Elliott, Eileen Wagner, Molly Wilson)