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Rae McKelvey

Rae is an expert in open source software development, security, and Internet architecture. She researches technical architecture design and its impact on usability, safety, and resilience. Her contributions are depended upon by at-risk users including human & environmental rights defenders, journalists, and civil society activists. Her background is in political sociology and data science, and she loves making weird musical art that touches funny bones. She is a maintainer of Decentralization Off the Shelf.

rae's recent work

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Bringing the Offline Online: Reviewing the Developer Experience of Awala

Technologies like Awala bridge digital divides and provide opportunities for people to connect safely, even when traditional infrastructure and politics might block their access. As part of the OTF Usability Lab, we performed a heuristic review of Awala and a review of the developer experience. Here we highlight the Developer Experience (DX), where we provided recommendations to make it easier for third-party developers to adopt the technology and suitable use cases.