Abhishek Sharma

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Abhishek Sharma

Abhishek is a multi-disciplinary product designer skilled in UI/UX, with experience in branding, product management and team building. He has designed for various softwares such as chatbots, process automation, data dashboards; in domains like education, healthcare; for non-profit and for-profit space in an agency model. Being a part of small teams and startup, he has built capability in performing various roles rolled into one while his time leading product at Glific and leading design at ColoredCow. He is adept at working with less resources and is driven towards getting things done.

He works best in a close collaboration with users, developers and product people. He has a keen interest in informing his work with metrics and measurements that allow tracking and improvements over time.

Abhishek is largely self-taught as a practicing design thinking professional having graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is a generalist and takes a keen interest in organisation development. He is driven to make a large-scale impact through design.

To schedule a coaching session with Abhishek Sharma please send an email to [email protected].

abhishek's recent work

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Open Design Workshop at COSCUP 2023: Understanding Internet Shutdowns and How Design Can Improve Tools

At COSCUP 2023, we held a workshop "The Design We Open - Network Disruption Hackathon" (The Design We Open Workshop - 網路中斷黑客松), a workshop focused on how we, as designers and configurers of technology for human rights needs can better understand Taiwanese citizens' understanding and experiences of internet shutdowns, and what is important in a partial or full internet shutdown.
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Six Key Tenets for Open Source Designers

Being a designer in Open Source (OS) isn’t always easy or straightforward, neither is it the same for all designers. Different open source projects are set up differently, hence demand different outputs and engagements from designers. In this blog, we list the six main tenets for a successful design contribution to OS projects.

Launching USER: Findings and Recommendations for Scientific and Research Open Source

Usable Software Ecosystem Research (USER) is a Sloan Foundation-supported research initiative that explores how open source scientific and research software (SROSS) teams understand, consider, and undertake usability and design opportunities in their projects. To read more about this project please check out Blog #1, Blog #2, our project website, and open repo.