Principles and Background

Books The User Experience Team of One (Leah Buley, 2013) The Moderator’s Survival Guide (Donna Tedesco, Fiona Tranquada, 2013) Observing the User Experience (Mike Kuniavsky, 2003)

Articles How to ask the right questions (Fabricio Teixera) Body Language and User Interviewing (Nikki Anderson) Being the Crystal Goblet (Audrey Crane) Georgia’s talk on UX bugs

Tools and Templates

Molly’s user testing cheat sheet Simply Secure’s feedback gathering guide


with Ame Elliott, Marie Kochsiek, Vincent Ahrend Produced by Eileen Wagner, Ben Mergelsberg, Molly Wilson Directed by Ben Mergelsberg Camera assistent: Luciana Damiao Art: Molly Wilson Music: “Downtown” by Filmed at Stattlab and Wrangelfilm Supported by Open Technology Fund Special thanks to Scout Brody, Maya Wagoner, Brett Gaylor Simply Secure CC-BY (Georgia Bullen, Ame Elliott, Eileen Wagner, Molly Wilson)