Design Mindset

Books The Design of Everyday Things (Don Norman, 1998) Books by Keri Smith, including “How to be an Explorer of the World” Thoughtless Acts? (Jane Fulton Suri, 2005) Mismatch: How Inclusion Shapes Design (Kat Holmes, 2018)

Podcasts 99% Invisible Design Matters Wireframe More Suggestions from UX Collective

Websites The 8 Golden Rules of Usability UX for Beginners

Design Methods

Books 101 Design Methods Universal Methods of Design

Websites Design Kit by Design methods by Universal Usability Simply Secure’s ‘User Experience Self-Education Resources’


with Molly Wilson, Emma Callahan, Ana Sol Alvarez Produced by Eileen Wagner, Ben Mergelsberg, Molly Wilson Directed by Ben Mergelsberg Camera assistent: Luciana Damiao Art: Molly Wilson Music: “Downtown” by Filmed at Stattlab and Wrangelfilm Supported by Open Technology Fund Special thanks to Scout Brody, Maya Wagoner, Brett Gaylor Simply Secure CC-BY (Georgia Bullen, Ame Elliott, Eileen Wagner, Molly Wilson)