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The public health crisis surrounding COVID-19 has escalated the need to create environments online for productive, collaborative, and spontaneous community work and convenings. And in many ways, the approaches and practices we’re experimenting with now will serve as a foundation for improved virtual collaboration well into the future.

With that in mind, we wanted to share some learnings from a recent summit for 25+ Mozilla Fellows from all over the world that we had to move online in a very short timeframe (10 days to be exact). In this post, we’ll share:

  • things we considered as we were having to switch gears quickly
  • how we engaged with our community of participants and collaborators in that process, and
  • things we learned as a result of this virtual event experiment.

While this is an example of a rapid prototype for putting on a virtual convening for participants from multiple time zones around the world, many of the things we learned are applicable to events being planned without the same time constraints.

Read the full post on Mozilla Foundation’s blog.