Schirin Lucie Richter

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Schirin Lucie Richter

Schirin Lucie Richter (MA London) formerly with IDEO is a trained anthropologist turned design strategist/service designer. As Senior Partner at healthcare design and development firm Future Medical Systems ( she leads complex-innovation programmes bringing systems-oriented designs to healthcare. She mentors a wide range of design and insights teams as well as leadership teams at all sizes of organizations across industries.

The common theme in her work is bringing clarity to complexity and delighting the often neglected B2B users or disempowered groups in general such as patients, caregivers, administrators or field service engineers. Under her leadership and guidance, teams go through a creative problem-solving process to envision future scenarios involving products, services and brands where thoughtfully designed touchpoints offer meaningful experiences for varying stakeholders while achieving business success and being mindful about societal and planetary impact. 

She holds multiple patents and contributed to work that received design awards. 

She teaches Design Research and Strategy at various universities, such as Stanford School of Medicine, Stanford, California College of the Arts in San Francisco, UC Berkeley, TU Munich and University of Applied Sciences Flensburg. She’s National Guest Lecturer at Stanford Clinical Research Excellence Center and in 2018 she co-authored Discovery Design: Design Thinking for Healthcare Improvement, a handbook for everyone who considers themselves a changemaker in healthcare. After 12 years in the San Francisco Bay Area with a stint in Shanghai beforehand, Schirin is back in Germany where she grew up and plans to shake things up in complex industries such as healthcare and beyond!

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