Michael Anton Dila

Project Director, Oslo for AI * he/him

Michael Anton Dila

Michael has spent his career working at the crux of change: building and equipping teams to do their most ambitious work; working to democratize the knowledge and practice of design; leading innovation work in companies, organizations and institutions; nurturing community and instigating challenging conversations.

He is currently leading a project called Oslo for AI, which is an effort of technology diplomacy with the intention of creating new possibilities for participation in our most important conversations about AI.

Michael has a passion for starting things. Whether it’s companies or communities, he has spent much of the last 25 years breaking new ground. As a design and innovation leader he was devoted to making both more rigorous and more accessible. He is a founding member of Overlap, a peer network of innovators who share knowledge and practice to advance the state of the art of design. Since spending five years helping to build an elite innovation unit in the U.S. Department of Defense, he has been focused on working with leaders and teams in domains characterized by both high technical and ethical complexity, such as AI, defense innovation and inclusive entrepreneurship.