Lisa Steingräber

UX Designer & Innovation Consultant * she/her

Lisa creates digital and analogue products and services with the greatest passion in the field of the future of life-long learning. After working at a start-up, she moved to a consultancy where she worked on a variety of digitisation projects in the interface between tech, design and education. The user is always at the heart of what she designs. Lisa also works as an innovation consultant and advises organisations on how to improve their products and services as well as train agile methodologies. Using her expertise, she guides teams through various phases of a project: developing new ideas, testing them on the market and drawing up implementation strategies. She is most interested in supporting teams to reflect on group dynamics and creating feedback culture.


  • Interests/skill set: User experience design, user research, innovation processes, creativity and prototyping, agile project management, workshop design, branding, digital learning, corporate learning formats, global goals and 21st century skills
  • Location: Berlin. Available to coach live or remotely.
  • Languages: German and English
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Lisa Steingräber