Júlia Racskó


Júlia Racskó

Julia Racsko is a senior product designer who combines analytical and creative thinking to get to the core of how our digital media environment became so exhausting, and how to design a nourishing one that is based on a holistic understanding of attention as a connection.

She has lived, studied, and worked in Budapest and Milano as an illustrator before turning towards product design. She then moved to Geneva, where she completed her master’s degree at HEAD exploring the effects of the attention economy and the possible remedies. The results of this research and the exploration of the concept ‘attention as a connection’ are shared in her talk ‘Attentive Design’ (Interaction20Beyond Tellerrand). She also led the design function in an IoT project in collaboration with EPFL and prototyped the device in Shenzhen.

She is currently an in-house product designer at Steady Media in Berlin helping content creators find independence by owning their audience, so they can create a healthier media environment for all of us. She is also nourishing her illustration practice back to life after the shock of the pandemic.

To schedule a coaching session with Júlia Racskó please send an email to [email protected].